Fednav’s Chartering Department is responsible for securing contracts, chartering vessels, and scheduling voyages for Fednav International Ltd.’s fleet of nearly 100 vessels. Each year, it assists in the contracting for the transportation of close to 25 million tonnes of cargo on approximately 700 voyages around the world. These activities are carried out from the Montreal headquarters and from other commercial offices in Antwerp, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Tokyo, and Barbados. The Chartering team works closely with international customers and brokers.

Chartering specialists are a niche profession requiring solid understanding of marine law, geography, and marketing, with strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Fednav’s Operations Department is responsible for the planning and execution of voyages for Fednav’s modern fleet of bulk carriers. It ensures that each shipping operation is carried out in the safest, most efficient manner. To do so, it oversees various aspects of customer service, environmental protection and standards, crew and ship safety, fuel purchases, towage and pilot services, cargo loading and discharging, and the overall viability of each voyage. Additional tasks include contract administration, documentation, and quality control. These tasks are carried out from Montreal and from Antwerp while the ships are in European waters.

As part of the Operations Department, the Port Agency team looks after vessels in the Montreal area and liaise with various national and local authorities.

The Operations team is in constant communication with port agents, stevedores, shipmasters, shipowners, and customers around the world. A good part of this team is comprised of former seafarers, whose experience and expertise is particularly valued.


This specialized department operates a continuous general cargo liner service from Europe to ports along the St. Lawrence and on the Great Lakes. It is responsible for negotiating transportation agreements for various cargoes: steel, project, and general cargo. On average, it assists in the transportation of approximately one million tonnes of cargo each Great Lakes season.

Fednav’s FALLine team prides itself on its ability to adapt quickly to changing markets and loading infrastructure at various ports and transshipment facilities to deliver a higher standard of cargo liner service.


Fednav’s Fleet Management Department oversees the technical management of Fednav’s owned fleet of more than 60 bulk carriers including its high ice class Arctic fleet, to ensure that all vessels are maintained and operated in line with Fednav’s best-in-class standards in a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner.

The team is comprised of engineers, naval architects, and maritime specialists who are responsible for the company’s fleet throughout the lifespan of our ships. In close cooperation with Fednav’s ship managers, the team members support the seafarers on board, continuously improve the ship designs, oversee ship newbuilding and vessel maintenance, and manage fleet operating standards and costs.

The Fleet Management team works closely with Arctic operations, projects, and ice services team on icebreaker design and engineering, and on project planning and implementation. It also renders support and assistance for our chartered-in fleet. 

This last team is responsible for managing the transportation needs of companies operating in Arctic regions providing ice charts and imagery, ice condition analyses, and information to assist ships operating in ice-covered waters. Its involvement in research and development helps Fednav offer unparalleled ice navigation technology such as IceNavTM, a shipboard system that uses satellite images and forecasts of ice conditions. It works closely with clients to address local community concerns as well as with local and international regulatory bodies to ensure that all Arctic activities respect the local environment and help build transparent, long-term partnerships with a human approach to Canada’s remote regions.


The Risk Management Department is responsible for all marine insurances for Fednav Limited and its affiliates—both property and liability—and handles any related claims. It also handles all disputes and claims arising under contracts of affreightment and charter parties. The department also monitors legal and environmental developments worldwide that may have an impact on Fednav’s marine operations.

The Risk Management Department plays a proactive role in the analysis and continuous improvement of the terms and conditions in which business is conducted with a view to minimizing the retained risk.



Federal Marine Terminals (FMT) is responsible for stevedoring and terminal handling of cargo. The FMT team oversees export, import, and domestic cargoes to and from vessels, barges, railcars, and trucks. FMT has developed a cargo management system that employs state-of-the-art software to track cargo while in its care and custody and boasts a well-trained, safety-oriented workforce that operates efficient cranes, equipment, and machinery to deliver high-quality stevedoring services.

The FMT team prides itself on fast, efficient, and damage-free handling of a wide array of cargoes at its US and Canadian terminals, and handles all types of steel products, project cargoes, forest products, agricultural products, and various dry bulk commodities.


Fednav Direct offers value-added on-carriage services, inventory management as well as 24/7 inland transportation of cargoes throughout the US and Canada. Headquartered in Montreal with an office in Cleveland, Ohio, Fednav Direct manages over 250,000 tonnes of cargo each year.

Working closely with Fednav's various divisions, Fednav Direct is a single point of contact for customers looking to streamline and simplify their supply-chain management. Whether moving breakbulk cargo, specialized and over-dimensional projects, or bulk commodities by truck, rail, or barge, Fednav Direct is responsible for coordinating, managing, and delivering customer cargo.


Fednav's Global Relations team, combining communications and marketing creativity, strengthens Fednav’s visual identity and brand worldwide. Responsible for maintaining consistency across electronic and printed material and through company events, the team is comprised of two cells:  Implementation and Strategy. The former produces Fednav’s communications collateral, providing tools, guidance, and support to our internal colleagues and those in our global offices, while the latter is responsible for monitoring target audiences with an aim to attract and maintain corporate customers.


Fednav’s Finance Department oversees all aspects of accounting, treasury, taxation, and financial reporting activities for Fednav Limited and its subsidiaries.

Specifically, the department manages worldwide accounting activities, cash flows, derivative products, investments, taxation compliance over multiple jurisdictions, and preparation of the company’s financial results and audited financial statements.


Fednav’s Information Systems Department is responsible for supporting Fednav’s worldwide information technology needs. Its responsibilities include software development and maintenance of hardware, Internet, and communication systems. Key software applications maintained by the IT department allow for ship scheduling, cargo documentation, and financial reporting.


Fednav’s success lies in its people. The role of its Talent Management Department t is to ensure that the company’s most valuable asset—its employees—are motivated and that their skills and talents are applied effectively. In doing so, it ensures that employees accomplish their goals and objectives according to Fednav’s values.

The Talent Management team partners with management to listen to employee needs and then responds accordingly. By monitoring the latest HR trends and tendencies and by applying new concepts to a specific entrepreneurial environment, it is able to sustain its competitive edge within a highly competitive industry.


Fednav's Corporate Counsel/Legal Services Department is responsible for maintaining corporate, commercial, and financial legal requirements. It is responsible for the documentation of all non-marine contracts, financing agreements, and the prosecution and defense of non-marine litigation. Additionally, it provides legal advice and maintains and supervises Fednav's corporate regulatory filings.


Fednav's Corporate Services Department is responsible for managing the premises of Fednav’s Montreal headquarters. These responsibilities include leasehold improvements, relationships with the building managers, and security. Mailroom and reception personnel provide essential services to both internal and external customers.