Paul Pathy
President and CEO

Paul A. Gourdeau
Senior Vice-President

Thomas H. Paterson
Senior Vice-President, Shipowning, Arctic, and Projects

Tina Revsbech
Executive Vice-President, FIL

Katia Marquier
Chief Financial Officer

Jim Cobb
Vice-President, Chartering


Lucie-Marie Gauthier
Talent Management and Communications

David Grieve
Vice-President, Operations

Wojtek Hryckowian
Vice-President, Chartering

Martin Krafft
Vice-President, Shipowning and Technical Services

Laurent Reit
Vice-President, Technology and Digital Transformation

Louis Saint-Cyr
Executive Vice-President, FMT and Fednav Direct

Kether Shemie
Corporate Counsel

Nicole Trépanier
Director, External Relations