Enfotec Technical Services Inc., a subsidiary of Fednav Limited, provides support to enhance the safety and efficiency of navigation in ice and produces sea ice assessments and marine accessibility studies for current and projected shipping operations in ice-covered waters.

Enfotec supports Fednav’s operations in the Arctic and the Baltic regions with our expertise in ice dynamics and remote sensing. Furthermore, Enfotec’s involvement in research and development helps keep Fednav at the forefront of ice navigation knowledge and technology.

One example is the innovative use of aerial drones for ice reconnaissance onboard Fednav’s fleet of icebreakers used to establish the most efficient route through the ice, thereby reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016, Enfotec won the coveted IBJ award for Innovative Technology for IceNav.



Enfotec, innovative technology award winner, was proud to represent our IceNav shipboard navigation system at Marine Tech Montreal on August 22 and to showcase technology and the maritime industry—an innovative concept in itself!

Fednav in the Arctic

Watch our video and see aerial drones in action onboard the Umiak I.

IceNav™ is a shipboard navigation system developed and distributed by Enfotec, designed for vessels operating in ice-covered waters worldwide.

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