Fednav has proven to be a trailblazer in the shipping industry by partnering with high-profile environmental groups and members of different industries. We are part of various programs aimed at improving the health of the world’s waterways, and of the flora and fauna that live in and around them. As much as possible, we put a greater pressure on ourselves to improve our environmental record ahead of government-enforced shipping regulations.

Because our leaders make it their business to see through these improvements, it’s just natural that employees in each Fednav office is eager to align themselves with the company’s values. Out of this resolve to improve our communities, the Greening the Office (GTO) committee sprung to life 10 years ago. Motivated and concerned employees meet regularly to review the office policy, oversee the committee’s action plan, and brainstorm initiatives. These actions and initiatives are supported by the Fednav Environmental Committee chaired by our CEO, Paul Pathy.


Greening the Office Policy 

Shoreline Cleanup

As part of the Fednav tradition for over 10 years, the GTO organizes an annual shoreline cleanup of the St. Lawrence River bank as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, and recently, Mission 100 tonnes. With the help of our partners the Port of Montreal, Urgence Marine, and Youth of Shipping as well as our families and friends, several dozens of tons of waste were collected over the years. These are subsequently sorted and properly disposed. From plastic straws to a portable toilet bowl, we see all kinds of waste left behind!