Arctic Shipping

Fednav, a pioneering presence in North America’s Far North has been instrumental in performing Arctic community resupply and servicing DEW (Direct Early Warning) Line sites beginning in the 1950s. Since then, with extensive experience navigating in ice-covered waters, the Group has played a key role in all major mining projects in Canada's Arctic including nickel, copper, lead, and zinc mines in Deception Bay, Little Cornwallis, Nanisivik, and Voisey’s Bay, as well as in Alaska.

Today, we operate the three strongest ice-breaking bulk carriers in the world, MV Arctic (26,600 dwt), and MV Umiak I and MV Nunavik (delivery in January 2014) (both 32,000 dwt), employed in transporting more than 750,000 tonnes of ore concentrates each year as well as all mine resupply.