Fednav relies on a network of subsidiaries that operate in several key areas. These include shipowning, short- and long-term ship chartering, ice navigation services, stevedoring at our Fednav-owned terminals and logistics services, including warehousing and ground transportation. 


Dry Bulk Shipping 

Fednav International Ltd. (FIL) operates dry bulk shipping service on its modern fleet of over 85 owned or chartered bulk carriers. As part of its global dry bulk shipping activities, FIL is the leading international user of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System.

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Liner Shipping

Fednav Atlantic Lakes Line (FALLine) emphasizes flexible line shipping service to meet specific customer needs. To that end, FALLine is dedicated to developing value-added liner shipping service beyond conventional ocean transport. It continues to extend its partnership with long-standing customers in the areas of logistics and inventory control and is committed to cultivating relationships with new customers.

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Marine Terminal Operations

Federal Marine Terminals, Inc. (FMT) delivers customized terminal services and is recognized as an industry leader in marine terminal operations. For 50 years, it has operated stevedoring facilities at ports in the United States and Canada. The wide range of commodities handled includes steel, sugar, gypsum, wood pulp and other forest products, machinery, cement, and cocoa.

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Fednav Direct coordinates and manages a wide range of transportation, distribution, and inventory-tracking solutions throughout North America, including payment processing, freight auditing, and simplified billing. It offers customers the advantage of delivering or receiving import cargoes right to door and, when combined on a Fednav ship and/or through an FMT terminal, Fednav Direct can provide a complete through-service.

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Ice Analysis and Vessel Routing

Working in partnership with Fednav Arctic operations, Enfotec provides ice analysis and vessel-routing services for ships operation in ice-covered waters. The core of the business is IceNavTM, a computerized shipboard ice-navigation system that provides customers with near-real-time satellite images, charts, and forecasts of ice conditions. It encompasses over 30 years of experience in ice-navigation technology development.

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Arctic Shipping

The Canadian Arctic has always posed a unique challenge to transportation. The harsh environment—cold and unforgiving, yet pristine and fragile—presents opportunities as well as obstacles and is one that requires a very particular approach and careful planning by the navigator. Fednav owns and operates the three highest-class icebreaking bulk carrier in the world, MV Arctic, MV Umiak I, and Nunavik. Powerful enough to navigate unescorted through ice-covered waters year round, this customized fleet, developed in-house specifically for Arctic conditions, permits Fednav to operate efficiently in the difficult environments of this unique niche market.

Fednav, a pioneering presence in North America’s Far North has been instrumental in performing Arctic community resupply and servicing DEW Line sites beginning in the 1950s. Since then, with extensive experience navigating in ice-covered waters, the Group has played a key role in all major mining projects in Canada's Arctic including nickel, copper, lead, and zinc mines in Deception Bay, Little Cornwallis, Nanisivik, and Voisey’s Bay, as well as in Alaska.

Today, we operate the three strongest ice-breaking bulk carriers in the world, MV Arctic (26,600 dwt), and MV Umiak I and MV Nunavik (both 32,000 dwt), employed in transporting more than 750,000 tonnes of ore concentrates each year as well as all mine resupply. 

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