Federal Marine Terminals looks for innovative options

April 11, 2015

Source: Green Marine Magazine March 2015

At Federal Marine Terminals (FMT), a goal has been set to reduce GHG emissions annually over the next 10 years. "We chose a realistic target knowing that once we made the initial effort of buying vehicles and equipment with cleaner-running engines, as well as introducing best practices such as a no-idling policy, it could be difficult to find other ways to make year-over-year improvements, "explains Marc Gagnon, director of Government Affairs and Regulatory Compliance at Fednav, FMT's parent company.

Nevertheless, FMT has earned its Level 5 ranking by not only meeting its target, but significantly exceeding it despite the challenges."Between 2011 and 2013, we achieved a 14% reduc­tion in GHG," Gagnon reports. The higher reduction was accomplished by consistently looking for every possible way to decrease emissions.

"At some of our warmer locations, employees use electric golf carts to get from place to place because the carts don't emit any fumes," Gagnon says."We also use a diesel-powered school bus to transport groups of people rather than having individuals drive a car."Another key policy is to opt for Tier 4 engines when replacing aging vehicles, forklifts or other equipment, even though the highly efficient motor is more expensive.

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